About the Founder

Donald L. Crutch has a love for the culinary industry and he connects with people that feel the same as he does about getting involved.

He founded the NPTO (National Pink Tie Organization) in 2011 to help get men involved in the fight against cancer and to spread the awareness of diseases.

After visiting hospitals and clinics he met many chefs battling cancer as well as other diseases and decided to form NPTO chefs against cancer.

NPTO chefs against cancer started the annual Chef’s Appreciation Day in 2013. In 2015 it was changed to the annual Chef’s Appreciation Week Worldwide.

While traveling and recognizing chefs he was constantly hearing great information about past and current chefs that taught great techniques.

Some even shared why they stayed with their company and told history behind it.

The honor of meeting these chefs, and the respect of these chefs that passed, guided him to start the Museum of Chefs, Which led to Chef’s Honor Guard.